Tomoki Miyazaki - Matsushiro

Tomoki Miyazaki is the owner of the kiln “Amakazari-koubou”.

His workshop lies in the mountains of Matsushiro, Nagano, surrounded by peach trees. People solely travel to this rural area of Nagano to visit his showroom and take pottery classes.

The variety of Mr. Miyazaki’s work ranges from big vases to small cups. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and brought to life through his  wood fired kiln. Carrying on the more than 200 year old tradition of Matsushiro-yaki, Mr. Miyazaki mastered the use of various glazes, which combined with the dark clay is the main feature of this style. Raw clay with a thick glaze from white over rich to light blues, red and  a deep brown gradient.





Matsushiro Kiln

Tomoki Miyazaki at work.Matsushiro KilnMatsushiro Kiln